Dodgers Need A Divorce

With all respect to Holiday Inn, Bud Selig is NOT a savior… and he doesn’t play one on TV either.

But the commish may be in a spot where he saves the Dodgers and Dodger fans on two fronts.

Let’s face it, yesterday’s move by MLB to appoint someone to run the Dodgers is the ABSOLUTE last thing that Selig wanted to do.

He certainly doesn’t want to embarrass any of his owners o his players. But the situation with the McCourt’s and the Dodgers has become just that… an embarrassment. What is Selig supposed to think when Frank McCourt basically behind his back to get a $30 million loan from Fox, under the guise of a new $3 billion television contract.

And with the way that Fox threw around money at the Texas Rangers recently, I truly believe that the proposed new TV deal for the Dodgers will come to fruition. What, MLB is going to tell the Dodgers that they can’t collect all that loot, especially after the Rangers got their payday.

But what is more disturbing is that this is the second instance in the last several months in which an MLB owner finds himself in a very public (not private) spectacle. How soon we forget the Wilpon family talking about how they really didn’t have any knowledge of the Bernie Madoff scandal.

A couple of months and a few prospective investors later, the N.Y. Mets still are looking for an investor for fork up $250 million, so that the Wilpons can cover their backsides, should the Madoff special investigator need to open the lock on their warchest.

And now, the McCourt’s.

It’s one thing to have a divorce play out in the media. But it is a totally different animal to see one of the hallmark franchises in MLB 1) not go out and sign big ticket free agents in the off-season, 2) have the bleachers at Dodgers Stadium become akin to an MMA brawl  and 3) have the lead owner of that team playing a game of dodge ball with the man in charge.

And we know that the group that is MLB owners has been likened to an “ol’ boys network.” Just ask Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Whether you like them or not, the Dodgers are one of the beacons of baseball. It is similiar to the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. Fans may hate them, loathe them, despise them, but it is good for the game when they ate a good team (or at least a relevant team).

And right now, the only thing keeping the Dodgers from being a back page disgrace is the team itself. They have two of the best hitters in the league this year, in Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier. And their pitching staff has an early Cy Young  Award candidate in Clayton Kershaw. Hey, here’s a team that has won four of its last five games after a five-game losing streak  to fall to 6-9.

Sure, they are looking up at the Giants and Rockies right now. But there is this funny thing in baseball right now called the “Wild Card”.

Yep, that weird idea that Commissioner Selig put in more than a decade ago could be the Dodgers best friend later in the year.

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