East Races Take Shape This Week

Baseball fans in Philadelphia, Atlanta, New York and Tampa will be glued to their televisions or at their local pub for a cold one (or two) or, for some, glued to their seats at either Citizens Bank Park or Yankee Stadium to watch what should be some of the best baseball of the year.

Even better yet, the next four days will go a long way to determining who will win the AL East and the NL East.
Let’s start in New York where the Yankees hold a slim 1/2 game lead over the Rays. Not only do these game mean winning the division, but they also mean “home field advantage” until the World Series. And while the teams with the two best records in baseball will be slugging it out, remember that the Minnesota Twins are wishing for a four-game split by the teams. Minnesota is the hottest team in baseball since July 4th and only one game behind the Yankees for best record in the American League.
In the National League East, the Philadelphia Phillies hold a three-game lead over the Atlanta Braves and have their pitching set up to send a case of “H2O” to Atlanta… Hamels, Halladay and Oswalt.
As Bobby Boucher says… “Hmmm. That’s some mighty fine H2O you got there.”
Enjoy the games….

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