Phils Hitters Offensive

First, it was Milt Thompson. Now, what is he excuse.
The offense for the Philadelphia Phillies has been less than stellar for a majority of the season. And it shouldn’t be any surprise that scoring only 18 runs in the last seven games would lead to the Phillies getting swept at home by Houston and Monday’s defeat in Los Angeles, in which they produced just one hit. 
Enter Bob Uecker from Major League…

“One hit. That’s all we got. One Hit.”
But what is more surprising is that they swept San Diego at Petco Park over the weekend. In those games, the Phillies used three of their best pitching performances this year to take out the Padres.

But breaking down the lackluster performances is simple…
– Phils are 6-for-32 with runners in scoring position in the last eight games.
– Only twice in the last 12 games have they scored more than three runs.
– Have now been shutout 11 times this season (shutout 8 times in 2008 and 7 times in 2009).
– Ryan Howard is hitting .111 (4 x 36) since coming off the Disabled List.
– Chase Utley has a .184 BA (9 x 49) in August.
– Jimmy Rollins is batting .246 during the month
Over the last 10 games…
– Placido Polanco is batting .205
– Jayson Werth has a .206 BA
– Shane Victorino is hitting .205

The Phillies hitters need to send out a big “Thank You” to the pitching staff for doing the job lately.
– Phils pitchers have worked to a 2.10 ERA over the last nine games.
– In the month of August, Phils pitchers have allowed 3 runs or less in 18 of the 28 games played.
Yep, so I guess Greg Gross better be worried about a pink slip.

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