A Quiet Friday Night

Moyer rocked in boston.jpg

Friday night was one of those rare night when you get to turn the TV off early and look for the finer things in life. I say that because your team is getting whacked by 12 runs after the 3rd Inning, you better start looking for things to do.
Thanks to Jamie Moyer and the pitiful Phillies offense. Not piling on… just saying.
So here is my unofficial list of things to do during a blowout…
– Go get a birthday gift for the 4-year old’s birthday that my daughter is going to on Saturday afternoon.
– Stop at Walgreen’s to get scotch tape to wrap the above mentioned gift.
Thumbnail image for cupcakes.jpg
– Make a pit stop at Barnes & Noble, run into their cafe’ and get two double chocolate cupcakes (for my money, the best going today).
– Wait 20 minutes to get cupcakes because the managers at B & N decided to only have one person work the cafe’ (on their busiest night of the week).
– Get home to help get my wife ready for her certification exam on Saturday morning.
So, thanks to Charlie Manuel’s “nine” for letting me get all of these things done and still being able to get in bed at a reasonable hour. No need to stay up this late for that mess.

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