Sammy The Skipper

Here’s something for Phillies fans to chew on to take their minds off their struggling baseball team (and besides the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals).

One of their most exciting players in franchise history is getting his chance at a Major League manager’s spot… Juan Samuel. The former 3rd Base Coach for the Orioles takes over the top spot after the firing of Dave Trembley this morning.

I had the chance to meet and take with both gentlemen (and I stress that word for both) during my time in the Minor Leagues. Both are exceptional and talented in the way they manage the game and work with their players. And with the Orioles relying on some many young players, having someone to run the show that has worked recently in the Minors is a benefit.

It was for Trembley when he took over less than three years ago. Dave has been with the Orioles system for many years and knows the talent thst they have. Unfortunately for him, the fans are not showing up (and not caring anymore). And there is only so much that the front office can deal with.

But this firing should also carry over to the front office. The Orioles went out and got Kevin Millwood (0-6, 4.29 ERA). They acquired LHP Mike Gonzalez to be their closer, currently on the Disabled List). And you cna add in that their best player, Brian Roberts, has been on the DL all year long.

Not exactly a winning formula.

Was it time for a change? Probably. But maybe the change should have been up the ladder a bit. They say manager’s are “hired to be fired”. That seems to be the case here.

So enter “Sammy”, who will have his work cut out for him. But if he can use some of the magic that made him one of the most feared players in the 1980’s, then the Orioles young nucleus, including Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, Nick Markakis and Chris Tillman, will be in a very good spot.

They could use some veteran help in that clubhouse. Miguel Tejada isn’t enough.

Good luck to both men. They are class in every way, shape and form.

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