Phils-Brewers Weekend Series

Phils Logo.jpg
The Phillies (20-13) head into the weekend series in Milwaukee (15-19) to face a Brewers team that has been just flat-out dismal at home… with a Major League-worst record of 4-11
Even the lowly Baltimore Orioles and the Kansas City Royals have better home records. Not by much, but still better.
But this theme has been playing out for the Brewers the last two 

Brewres logo.jpg

seasons. Milwaukee was just 40-41 at Miller Park last year. This downturn was following four years in which the Brewers had one of the best home records (194-130, .599 win %) in the game.
And as the team celebrates its 10th anniversary in the ballpark that was Bud Selig’s dream (anything to get out of old County Stadium), the Brewers are in need of a turnaround.
Many of the problems “start” with the pitching staff. 
Runs Allowed
2010– 5.54 runs/ game (14th in National League)
20095.05 runs/ game (15th in N.L.)
20084.25 runs/ game (4th in N.L.)
*Series note*– Only one starting pitcher in this four-game series enters with an ERA lower than 4.00  (Randy Wolf- 3.95)
But then you also need to add in their fielding. And if you commit errors, you either give up extra runs or batters.
Fielding Percentage
2010– .980% (11th in National League)
2009– .984% (12th in N.L.)
2008– .984% (7th in N.L.)
Really, the only thing keeping the Brewers afloat right now is their offense, where they lead the league in runs scored (186), hits (331), doubles (73), on-base % (.354) and total bases (540), while being 2nd in slugging (.444), only behind the Phillies.

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