Welcome To A New Year

I can’t tell you how excited this former baseball broadcaster is for the start of a new season. Spring Training is the appetizer with the regular season being the Main Course.

Opening Day.jpg

When you see the bunting surrounding the field and the “Opening Day” logo on the field, your
system gets a jolt. It is truly the only day of the year where many parents will see in a sick note to school to allow a young boy or girl to go to the home opener with his/her parents.
I had the privilege of being involved in 13 “Opening Day” ceremonies and each one had a special feel to it.
One, though, sticks out more than any other… and not for the game, because we never got to play it. It was 2003 and our Trenton franchise had just switched to the NY Yankees affiliation. The season would start with a seven game road trip to Portland, ME and Norwich, CT.
That’s right… start the season in early April in MAINE!!! Right off the bat, you have about a 50-50 shot of playing the games due to either the cold or snow.
Well, the latter showed up right as the teams were being introduced. And it snowed about 8″ that night. It wiped away the next night as well. Hope for the third game was there as the snow melted, but another late afternoon snow storm took care of that one and the next day.
Four days in Portland= four snow outs, but we did get to go to a Portland Pirates hockey game and eat at some of the better establishments in town. At least the team was able to get in some practice at Colby College thanks in part to our manager (and Maine native) Stump Merrill.
So on to Norwich. But a Nor’easter came up the Mid-Atlantic coast. The team’s GM told us to just keep right on driving to Trenton. They knew that three more game would be postponed.
Seven games, seven days on the road and all postponed.
It was the start to a great summer with lots of doubleheaders. 

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