An Early Saturday Morning

Thought I would get the chance to sleep in a bit today, but my 1-year old son decided to scrap that plan. Ever since we got up at 4:00 AM two Saturdays ago to start our trip to Disney World, he had decided that he wants to get up between 3:00 and 4:00 AM…YIKES!!!

That being said, his crack of dawn body clock is giving me a chance to peruse the boxscores from a full Friday of games. It also give me a chance to bring you some this to take note of…
– Phils LHP Cole Hamels, by all reports, looks much better at the start of this Spring Training than last. He gave up a leadoff homer to Toronto’s Jose Bautista, but used his new cut-fastball and his “once-a-month” curveball more.
– Jays DH Randy Ruiz got two hits and is 5-for-8 to start the Spring. Here is a Minor League “lifer’ that finally got a break with the Jays last year and is making it pay off. He may not play in the field much, but the guy can “swing it”. No Viagara jokes allowed here.
– Yankees RHP Joba Chamberlain didn’t have the 2010 debut that he would have hoped for, giving up five runs in 1.1 innings.
– Atlanta SS Yunel Escobar went 3-for-3 (all doubles), two runs scored and two RBI, while OF Melky Cabrera had two hits, a run scored and a RBI.
-Arizona OF Justin Upton started earning that big contract with a grand slam homer, while starter Dan Haren looked in fine form with two scoreless innings.
– Cubs starter Carlos Zambrano tossed two shutout innings in that game against Arizona.
– Cleveland starter Justin Masterson hurled two shutout innings against Cincinnati.
– Giants backstop Bengie Molina was 3-for-3 with homer against Colorado… and probably making the Mets wish they had upped their offer.
– RHP Vicente Padilla, a big star for the Dodgers in the second half of ’09, started ’10 with two shutout innings.
And Finally…
Reigning A.L. Cy Young Zach Greinke picked up right where he left off. He worked three scoreless innings against Texas.

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