Round 2 Underway

For those of you that don’t live now in the mid-Atlantic region, New England or Buffalo, you can’t really have an appreciation for what has gone on here for the last week. 

Here in Philly, we are used to the occasional 2″-5″ of snow. just enough to put the grocery stores on high alert for the “Attack of the Killer Shoppers”. But this morning finds the city really testing its “Brotherly Love” because the third snow of more than 20″ is in the middle of occurring. 

Philly Snow.jpg

Writer’s Editorial…Actually as I write this at 8:45 AM ET, there is nothing coming down. The next round starts in the next couple of hours. And I have already gone out once to clear my driveway.
That is why we can’t wait to start seeing pictures of this…
Brighthouse Field.jpg 
Spring Training is that close right now. And for those people in Philadelphia thinking of a third straight trip to the World Series, these pictures can start soon enough.

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