Game #4 Blog Phils-Rockies

7:05 ET Phils-1, Rockies-0 (Mid 3rd)… Phils miss a HUGE opportunity with bases 
loaded and only one out. Werth chases a 1-2 pitch that doesn’t reach the plate. Ibanez strikes out on a 3-2 slider or splitter.
Lee Picture.jpg
6:51 ET Phils-1, Rockies-0 (End 2nd)… Cliff Lee goes 1-2-3 against the Rockies with just 33 pitches thru two innings.
6:42 ET Phils-1, Rockies-0 (Mid 2nd)… A two-out single by Ruiz is all for the Phils, but they do turn the lineup over so that Rollins can lead off he 3rd Inning.
6:35 ET Phils-1, Rockies-0 (End 1st)… Cliff Lee does a great job to get 
out of jam (2nd & 3rd w/ 1 out) to hold the lead.
6:23 ET Phils-1, Rockies-0 (Mid 1st)… OK, Phils get one run and Cliff off to the mound. Jimenez throws 30 pitches in the 1st Inning.
***BLOGGERS NOTE*** Jimenez is throwing several off-speed pitches. That’s good for the Phils.

6:15 ET Phils-1, Rockies-0 (Top 1st)Shane Victorino hits a homer to give the Phils the lead (Phils 1-0).

6:07 ET Phils-0, Rockies-0 (Top 1st)… And away we go!!!

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