Game #1 Blog- Phillies/ Rockies

2:55 PM (ET) Phils-0, Rockies-0 (End 1st)… Rockies have a chance but Garrett Atkins pops up. Jimenez sends Phils down 1-2-3.

*** ANNOUNCERS NOTE*** TBS’ Brian Anderson says “Outfielders will have trouble with any fly ball in the air today.” Are there any fly balls that ARE NOT in the air???

3:00 PM (ET) Phils-0, Rockies-0 (Mid 2nd)… Werth makes a great throw from RF to get doubleplay. 3B Umpire Ron Kulpa misses the play as Torrealba was safe. Phils get a break.
3:10 PM (ET) Phils-0, Rockies-0 (End 3rd)… Phils get 1st hit, but DP ground ball from Ibanez ends inning. Jimenez looks strong throwing 98 mph past Howard and then dropping a back door curveball on him.
3:11 PM (ET) Phils-0, Rockies-0 (Mid 3rd)…Jimenez is hitting .220 this year (LOOKS MORE LIKE .020 WITH THE WAY HE SWINGS THE BAT). Lee has hit best inning retiring the Rockies 1-2-3.
3:20 PM (ET) Phils-0, Rockies-0 (End 3rd) Lee gets a 2-out single off Jimenez to centerfield AND THEN STEALS 2ND BASE!!! Lee almost picked off (close play). J-Roll strikes out to end the inning.
3:30 PM (ET) Phils-0, Rockies-0 (Mid 4th)… Lee another 1-2-3 inning, has just 48 pitches thru 4th Inning.
3:40 PM (ET) Phils-0, Rockies-0 (End 4th)… Jimenez continues to look strong, only allowing a 2-out single to Howard. Howard tries to steal 2nd Base, but pulls a start-stop at the beginning and it may be the difference between being safe and out. He’s out and so are the Phils.
Pitchers Thru Four Innings
PHI- Cliff Lee 0 R, 3 H, 2 K, 0 BB (48 pitches)
COL- Ubaldo Jimenez, 0 R, 3 H, 4 K, 0 BB (46 pitches)
3:45 PM (ET) Phils-0, Rockies-0 (Mid 5th)… Lee gets another 1-2-3 inning and has retired 11 in a row.
4:07 PM (ET) Phils-2, Rockies-0 (Bot 5th)… Jimenez shows a “ch1nk in the armor”. Werth walks to start the inning (only 2nd leadoff hitter to reach in the game so far). RBI double by Ibanez into right field corner (1-0 Phils). Ibanez to 3rd on a ground out. Ruiz RBI double to right. Should have been a single, but misplayed by Brad Hawpe (2-0 Phils).                 

*** NOTE- Jimenez throws 30 pitches in that inning***
4:12 PM (ET) Phils-2, Rockies-0 (Mid 6th)… Another 1-2-3 by Lee. Now up to 14 in a row retired by Phils starter.
4:30 PM (ET) Phils-5, Rockies-0 (Bot 6th)… Howard doubles home Utley (3-0 Phils) and Werth adds an RBI triple off the top of the left-center wall and almost an inside-the-park homer (4-0 Phils). Ubaldo is U-gone-o. Ibanez adds an RBI single off Joe Beimel (5-0 Phils).    
*** ANNOUNCERS NOTE*** TBS’ Brian Anderson just called the home team the “Cardinals”. Huh??? Must be the red because I know you can’t find a good cheesesteak in St. Louis.

5:29 PM (ET) Phils-5, Rockies- 1 (Final) Troy Tulowitzki delivers an RBI double in the 9th Inning to break up Cliff Lee’s shutout (5-1 Phils). Lee gets Garrett Atkins to end the game and finish off the complete-game victory.
Phillies lead “Best of Five” series, 1-0.

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