State Holiday Today In Michigan

If you love baseball, this is a day that should be a state holiday in Michigan. The Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers will play a day-night doubleheader with the A.L. Central Division lead on the line.

When I worked in the Minors, I loved working a day-night doubleheader… only the first time I was involved in one. After that, I looked at the day-night twinbill as a necessary evil of working in baseball. Owners was to make sure that they get all the revenue they possibly can. And in the Minors, that is a very important thing. In the Majors, not as much.
But for Tigers and Twins fans, this is the perfect time to use a vacation day or call in sick and play “hookey”.
It is almost like getting up on a fall Saturday and watching college football… from 12 noon till 11:00 PM.
You get up in the morning, get the kids off to school (with your better half picking them up… c’mon, you’ll be at the park all day). You jump in the car, stop at your favorite breakfast joint to grab a bite to eat and then head for the ballpark. You probably won’t see batting practice, so you can find your favorite watering hole to relax and catch the various runs of SportsCenter.
Then you get to watch the first game (which the Twins won, 3-2, in extra innings), hang out for three hours figuring out what will happen in the second game, and then roll back into the stadium for the nightcap. 
Along the way, I’m sure that probably six or seven hot dogs will be consumed, a couple of beverages, maybe a funnel cake or some ice cream.
Sounds like the perfect day for many baseball fans.
So, Detroit, enjoy the day… no matter what happens in the two games.

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