After The Purge

You wonder if Jamie Moyer sat in the Phillies dugout after Pedro Martinez finished his five-inning stint Wednesday night at Wrigley Field and said…

“Huh, I could’ve done that.”
Five innings, seven hits, three runs… sounds like a line from a Moyer start, but it was Pedro last night and for a first effort, not bad.
Pedro said it after the game. He will get stronger in his next start. He had gotten tired during the 5th Inning when the Cubs scored twice. That’s OK, I wasn’t worried about the stat line anyway.
What I wanted to see was his velocity and his control. OK, so the control was off a bit. There were a lot of three-ball counts, but that should work itself out. What I saw that is a good indicator was Pedro still hitting 93 m.p.h. in that 5th Inning. 
Now I know that Pedro’s M.O. is to lose some of his velocity after three or four starts. But you have to take him at his word… that this is different. He feels better and stronger. he has been able to put his dad’s passing behind him and move on. I heard Phils broadcaster Tom McCarthy talk about how Pedro is a “thoughtful” person, meaning he thinks before he speaks. We saw that last night in the post-game and it should be a good thing for the Phils.
Beer, Here!!!
Being from Philadelphia, I am a bit sensitive about things like this, but did everyone see the genius Cubs fan toss a beer from the stands in the 5th Inning and douse Shane Victorino right when he was getting ready to catch a fly ball???
Hey, I give the guy credit for great accuracy. That’s a pretty tough toss from what was about 20 feet away.
But, if this was a Phillies fans doing the dirty work (and it happened in Philly), the media would be all over it. You would hear self-proclaimed experts like Skip Bayless and Michael Wilbon burying Philly with “Well, that stuff happens in Philly” and then drag out “They even booed Santa Claus” (which, by the way, happened in the early 60’s).
There are these idiots whereever you go. EVERY stadium has at least one of them. 
That’s why they call them “Beer Muscles”.
What A Game!!!
I know that everyone loves the 9-8 slugfest, but what a game last night in Seattle between the M’s and White Sox… and with a few subplots to boot.
First, you had two fantastic pitchers in Mark Buehrle and Felix Hernandez who earned their keep last night. Buehrle worked eight shutout innings, while Hernandez blanked the Sox over the first seven innings.
Second, both teams are still in the hunt for the playoffs. The Sox are in a battle with Detroit for the lead in the AL Central, while the M’s (after making some trades which led some to believe that they were preparing for next year) are only 5 1/2 out of the wildcard with six weeks still left.
And it lived up to the hype. Scoreless into the 14th Inning before “Junior” laced a double to the right field corner for the game-winner.
Back On Top!!!
They have been playing great baseball, but without too much fanfare, the Yankees (71-43) have the best record in baseball, thanks to a 20-6 run since the All-Star Break. 
And they did it in dramatic fashion again yesterday with Robinson Cano’s walkoff double against Toronto.
But maybe the most impressive thing about the streak is who they have beaten during it. They swept Detroit and Boston at George’s House, while taking two of three at Tampa Bay. The only blemish is losing three of four at the White Sox.

Here’s Your Chance!!!
The Atlanta Braves will get their shot this weekend to put themselves in the thick of the NL East race when the Phillies come to Turner Field. The Florida Marlins got into it with a sweep of the Phillies at “The Bank” last weekend, but this weekend, the Braves (60-54) get the Phils on their turf.
So who has the advantage? The numbers say the Braves. They are 7-2 against the Phils this year, including 5-1 at “The Ted”. But remember that the Phillies won all nine games in Atlanta last year.
This is obviously a different Braves team, led by rookie pitcher Tommy Hanson, who is 7-2 since coming up from the Minors. Yunel Escobar has found his stroke and Martin prado always seems to kill Philadelphia.
And with two of the games on national TV (Saturday- Fox, 4:00 PM Sunday- ESPN, 8:00 PM), there will be a lot of eyes on these games.

Enjoy The Weekend Everyone! 

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