A Sunny Sunday

That is what the Phillies need today after last night’s rainout. Sometimes a rainout can be a good thing. Sure looks like it is the case from last night as Marlins star righty Josh Johnson looked strong out of the gate and may have been very tough to hit (and beat).

BTW… don’t be surprised if that rainout is made up on Monday, Sept. 21. Both teams have an off-day and that precedes a two-game series at Landshark Stadium for the top two teams in the NL East.
So the Phils head into today’s game looking to win their 8th straight game. The Phillies have won 11 of their last 13 to take a six-game lead in the Division over the Marlins.
J.A. Happ takes the hill and carries with him (forgive me Phillies fans) a seven-game win into play as a Major Leaguer. Happ has been very impressive over the last month allowing 6 ER over his last 30.0 IP (1.80 ERA). During that time, Happ has two wins and two no-decisions.

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