Random Thoughts

Here are some thoughts as the Phillies take on the Orioles on Saturday night.

– From today’s Mets-Rays telecast on Fox… Tim McCarver noted that no team that has started out going 13-20 in their first 33 home games in a season has gone on to make the playoffs.
– The Phillies are 1-7 on this current home stand, allowing 7.2 runs per game (Phils scoring 4.6 runs/game).
– Both home run balls allowed by Ryan Madson in the 9th Inning were supposed to be cut-fastballs on the outside corner and both came back over the middle of the plate… and both were souvenirs to the fans in right field.
– Why do teams throw Ryan Howard anything but breaking stuff. Danys Baez just figured it out. I’m sure Dave Trembley is not a happy manager.
– In the eight games so far on this homestand, the Phillies have lead for a total of 9 1/2 innings of play.
– Phils pitchers need a new routine in getting ready for games. Even though J.A. Happ worked out of 1st Inning trouble, the bases were loaded. Too many times Phils pitchers have given up 1st Inning runs this year. That goes to the preparation in the bullpen.
– Another case of a pitcher in which the Phillies haven’t seen before is mowing them done. This goes to talk about two things. The hitters preparation to work off of the advance scouting report (or the strength of that advance report itself). And also the hitters ability to adjust on the fly (or lack there of).
– Ryan Howard is out with the flu tonight. Greg Dobbs is playing 1st Base and it almost cost the Phillies an extra run in the 6th Inning. Did anyone notice how Dobbs took the throw at 1st Base on Adam Jones infield hit. He took the throw like he was playing 3rd Base, instead of stretching out to take the throw.
– Give credit to J.A. Happ to battle through six innings and hold Baltimore to two runs, but a total of 14 baserunners reached against Happ. He is a rookie, but part of the learning process is to know that you have work ahead in the count.
– Bad Luck. Werth hits a smash off the foot of Orioles starter Brian Bergesen and it rolls to Robert Andino who makes the play for a 1-6-3 putout. Two innings later, Luke Scott hits a ball off Chad Durbin and it rolls into the perfect spot for an infield hit.
– Phils starters have to do a better job of getting deeper into games. The bullpen is getting burned out real fast.
– When it goes bad, it really goes bad

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