Sammy, Are You Surprised???

I wasn’t surprised. How about you?

A New York Times report says that Sammy Sosa was one of the 104 players that tested positive for PED’s in 2003. Those tests led to Major League Baseball implementing a drug testing policy a year later.
The whispers have been there for years. Sammy had to be one of “those guys”. How did he go from the thin, rail-like body that layed with the Texas Rangers and Chicago White Sox to the bulky, brawny body that hit all of those home runs for the Chicago Cubs during the post-strike stretch that brought fans back to our national pasttime.
Sammy has always proclaimed his innocence. He recently told ESPN Deportes that he would “calmly wait to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.”
Well, that may change if this report is true. A-Rod held his press conference to confirm his use during Spring Training. Might one with Sammy be following??? We’ll see.
Cheating in one form or another has gone on since the start of the game. Many people say that it is a product of the multi-million dollar contract era. Well, it might be a by-product, but not the lone cause. Doctoring the baseball, corked bats, sand paper in the glove. The list goes on an on… anything to gain an edge on your opponent. 
Remember, even Sosa got nailed for a corked bat several years ago.
But pretty much all pro sports have that.
And this now brings up a bigger question… Should the other 102 names on that list be released so we can just clear the air and start from scratch???
I say “Yes”. Donald Fehr and the players union probably think differently. But I’m sure that there are many players that agree with me. Let’s just get this over with, put it behind us and move on.
The funny thing is that we forgive many forms of cheating in baseball. And we have already forgiven several players that have used PED’s. I would guess that several of the 102 players on that list don’t even play anymore.
The real need to know is to find out which superstars and future Hall of Famers did use. Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmiero have already killed there chances at Cooperstown. Sammy Sosa appears next in line. Three players that testified before Congress saying they didn’t use or didn’t want to talk about it in one form or another.
My hunch is that Sosa would be forgiven if he came out and admitted his use… because he was well-liked in his playing days. He always had the big grin and would kiss his hand and then point his two fingers at the camera after hitting a homer.
But we won’t know until the N.Y. Times report is confirmed and Sosa holds one of those unique press conferences.

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