2009 MLB Draft: Who is the next superstar?

Hello, everyone. Have been away for a while, but glad to be back blogging today.

It is a pretty special day for hundreds of young men as the Major League Baseball Draft starts tonight at 6:00 PM (ET). Most of them await that phone call from a scouting director telling them that they have the chance to be a professional ballplayer.
The one thing that I learned during my time in the Minors is that the draft is by far an exact science. In fact, it is the most in-exact science that I know. Trying to gauge the talent of a high school player and what he will develop into four or five years down the road is very hard. The job that scouts do amazes me sometimes.
Now, I only had the chance to see them evaluating talent already in the Minors as they were readying for potential trades or free agent pickups in the off-season. But to see some players traded that I know were looked at by scouts when I was in the ballpark gives you a little more insight to the process.
There are, though, several things that should be changed about the draft.
First, there needs to be a salary cap for teams. I understand about players getting as much as they can, but the fact that Steven Strasburg is going to get upwards of $50 million before even throwing one pitch as a pro IS A JOKE!!!
If baseball had a salary cap (both maximum and minimum)for the draft, then it would even out everything and you wouldn’t see the ridiculously huge contracts. You also wouldn’t see teams taking players above where they should be drafted because they can be signed for a lower bonus.
And you would think that the players union would be in agreement with this in some fashion. I guarantee that there are many Major Leaguers that don’t like seeing college and high school kids making more than they do.
One smart thing done is the deadline for signing with a team. No allowing the process to drag on into next season put more pressure of the two sides to sign. Still, the players have the advantage, especially the high school ones that have a college scholarship already in their back pocket.
It will be interesting TV to say the least. But the few weeks afterwards are just as interesting.

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