Time For Concern? Might Be…

Ryan Howard said this morning on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike Show” that the Phillies had a little bit of a hangover at the start of this season. This is something we all figured, but it was finally confirmed by one of the players.
So, contrary to the article by Jim Salisbury in the Philadelphia Inquirer today, I believe it is time to worry about the play of the Philadelphia Phillies. And here’s why…
The Phillies look like a team right now that believe they can just put the uniform on and get wins by that alone. Like that “World Series Champions” patch is going to scare opposing pitchers when they see it.
And there are a bunch of leaks that are threatening to flood the ship. Rollins, Lidge, Eyre, Taschner. The list isn’t long, but some of the key ingredients from last year haven’t performed like they need to.
I have already diagnosed Rollins, so no need to rehash that. When Jimmy figures out that he needs more patience at the plate, he will start to turn it around. And when was the last time that Brad Lidge came into TWO straight games looking for a save.
But the loss of J.C. Romero to a 50-game suspension is starting to show more and more to be an issue. Without Romero, Eyre moves up a step with more pressure on hime and hasn’t filled the void. And because of that move, the Phils acquire Jack Taschner, who is right now a leading candidate to get released when Romero’s suspension comes to an end. Taschner allowed the go-ahead two run single in the 7th Inning that led to the Braves 3-2 win on Sunday.
So the Phils have lost four of their last five games and are now 1 1/2 games behind the surging N.Y. Mets (winners of seven straight games).
It’s time to get it turned around.
So Phils players, enjoy your off-day. Tomorrow begins another chance to get things squared away with the Manny-less Dodgers coming into town.

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