Rain Day

So the Phillies got rained out on Sunday and it made me think about the many rain days that I went through in the minors.

Now, I’m sure that the Phillies loved the rain out (even though they will have a day/night doubleheader to make it up) and it gave them the chance to get on the charter jet a bit earlier and into St. Louis to get ready for their series which starts today. It is always nice to be in town on a Sunday and catch a bit of Sunday Night Baseball, instead of getting into town in the wee hours of the morning.
But for those of us that did our duty in the Minors, a Sunday rain out could mean one of a couple of things… jumping on the bus a bit earlier to get crammed into your set, grabbing a sandwich from Subway (maybe I can get paid for that unsolicited plug) and settling in for some bad comedy movie that the players picked out. It could also mean a nice night off to see your family (142 games in 162 days doesn’t give you much time with your family). 
No matter what, the idea of a rain out is heaven for most people involved in baseball.
I do think I have ever been involved in a day with rain that I don’t think of the overused line from Bull Durham. 
“Rain out? I can get you a rain out.”
Well, after three days of rain here in Philly, I can’t wait to see the sun.

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