Just When You Think You Have It All Figured Out

Tonight’s Phillies game is another example of why you never play the numbers. Going into tonight’s game with the Cardinals, you figured that St. Louis would have a big advantage… 

Kyle Lohse (3-0, 1.97) going for the Cards, Joe Blanton (0-2, 8.41) for the Phils. 
St. Louis is 17-8 and playing at home. Phils are 12-10 playing on the road.
But around 11:00 PM ET, six strong innings from Blanton and a grand slam from hometown boy Ryan Howard and the Phillies had a 6-1 win.
Howard kills the Cardinals in St. Louis. KILLS THEM!!!! He must love that home cooking from his mom. He now has a .383 career average with 7 HR and 26 RBI in St. Louis. Jayson Werth had a two-run blast to put the Phillies in front for good. 
But the Blanton aspect to this game was the most promising. They said during the telecast that Blanton had worked with pitching coach Rich Dubee and got some issues squared away. Well, Blanton’s pitch location was great until the 6th Inning. And then, he got out of a jam to preserve a five-run lead. 
This is a big stretch for the Phillies, so tonight’s win was a good one.
Other Stuff…
I guess Jimmy Rollins told Phila. Inquirer writer Jim Salisbury that he was about ready to go on a tear. And Charlie Manuel said he doesn’t see anything wrong with Jimmy at the plate.
Maybe it’s just me (and I’m certainly not a hitting coach), but it looks like Jimmy is out on his front foot on every off speed pitch. Like he is jumping at the ball. Well see if “the tear” comes anytime soon.

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