Another Amazing Night

OK, this is getting a little ridiculous. Another night for the Phillies and another come-from-behind win. 13-11 over the Nationals.

You figured they were in trouble when they fell behind 6-2 after two mammoth homers by Ryan Zimmerman and Elijah Dukes. 
Ryan Howard hits a grand slam to tie it at 6-6.
You figured that they were dead and buried when they were behind 11-7 in the 8th Inning thanks in part to Zimmerman putting one in my buddy Mike Rossi’s seats in the 2nd deck in left field. 
But then a base hit by Chase Utley makes it 11-9 and then Raul Ibanez hit his own grand slam and the Phillies lead 13-11.
Part of it is how bad the Nationals are, but a good part of it is also the mindset of the Phillies. Never say die… never give up. And you can’t blame them. They are too many good hitters in this lineup. Top to bottom. 
Many baseball fans said how good the Yankees lineup was going to be with the addition of A-Rod. 
Well, for all of that, the Phillies lineup is better. In fact, it may be the best lineup in baseball right now. Not only with the talent, but with the way the lineup is set up and the tweaks that can be made by Charlie Manuel to keep it up to the same level.
And the best part of the whole night may not have been the two grand slams, but the night that Jimmy Rollins had (three hits and a big part of the offense). We knew that Rollins would get it going at the plate, but no one expected it to take until May for it to happen.
Now the Phillies are just 1/2 game out of 1st Place.
For all the craziness in April, the rainouts, the passing of Harry Kalas and more, the Philadelphia Phillies can tomorrow be in the place where everyone expected them to be (even the team themselves)…. 1st Place.

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