This weekend went a long way to answering some questions about both the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees. Both groups of fans had reason for concern for their own reasons. The Phillies looked like they were still on World Series hangover, while the Yankees looked a bit like the team that didn’t make the playoffs last year.

But this weekend said a lot.
Philadelphia marches into Miami like Sherman into Atlanta and took down the upstart Marlins three straight. I know that the Phillies got lucky (very lucky) with the Marlins implosion on Friday night. No team scores seven runs in the 9th Inning without some help from the other team. But Saturday was a hard fought win and yesterday was a “take you behind the woodshed” type of game. 
Final Score- Phillies 3, Marlins 0
So the Phillies got their ship right, sans J-Roll and his hangover from… who knows what. But he becomes Suspect #1 in the great summer action movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer… Cause I Want To Do It Again”. The Phillies have lots of talent in the lineup, but the engine starts with the fireplug at the top of the order. I hate using cliches, but Rollins is the “straw that stirs the drink”. So Jimmy needs to figure out his problems at th plate, or it will cost the Phillies down the line.
As for the Yankees, where do you start? Too many pitching problems to name. Bullpen shaky, starters hurt. It has to driving Joe Girardi and Dave Eiland crazy. Yankees need to know that this team isn’t going to be that good until A-Rod gets back to solidify the lineup… and maybe even not then 
There has been just something wrong about the mix of players for the Yankees for the last two seasons. Having spent five years with many of those players while in the Minors, I know it isn’t their makeup. Guys like Gardner, Wang and of course Jeter will run through a brick wall for you. No so sure about A-Rod and some of the others.
Less than a month in and two of the teams to watch may be headed on the same path as last year. 
For the Phillies… finally. For the Yankees… not again.

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