Are You Kidding Me????

Some random thoughts about the 2009 season…
Anyone Got A Dime?

dukes.jpgAnd people wonder why things are so messed up in Washington, DC. No, it has nothing to do with the politicos (for a change).

Seems that Nationals OF Elijah Dukes went on a team appearance to a Little League opening and met with over 500 children, signed autographs, the whole nine yards. But Dukes arrived at the ballpark five minutes late for that days game. One would think that doing such a good job helping to promote the team in the community (especially the way that the Nationals draw) would mean a pass on any fine that Dukes might get…. think again.
Dukes was fined $500 for his tardiness. But the parents of the Little Leaguers were so incensed at the news that they passed the hat and collected the $500 for the fine, plus an additional $1 for any administrative costs associated with the fine.
Logo Mania
If the Phillies don’t win the NL East this season, don’t blame anyone but the people that decided to put a “World Series Champions” logo on the right sleeve of the team jerseys this year. 
To my knowledge, this is the first time that a World Series Champion has put something like this on their uniform for the following season. What, flashing their World Series rings isn’t enough??? That’s what the “2008” flag in center field is for, right???
The House That Steinbrenner Built
No fun in Yankees land these days. Home runs are flying out of there quicker than those $2,500 per game tickets behind home plate. Chien Ming-Wang has an ERA as high as the Powerball drawing this week. And they went through all the A-Rod mess in Spring Training.
But despite that, the Yankees are sitting at 7-6 (tied with Boston for 2nd Place) and only 2 1/2 games out of the AL East lead.
Give a lot of credit to Manager Joe Girardi for keeping everything on an even keel. 
Once the Yankees get Texeira and A-Rod back and they get 10 or 20 games under their belts hitting next to one another, then watch out American League. The Yankees offense should really hit its stride…

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