The Legend Continues

OK, so Matt Stairs is starting to turn into a real piece of Philadelphia folklore.

Yesterday’s homerun in the 9th Inning gave the Phillies a 7-5 win over Colorado, but it also gave the Phillies their first series win and got them back to .500 (3-3). And it took people back to one of the great moments during last season’s Phillies run to the World Series.
Very good win for more than one reason.
1) Rally from a bad start to get a win over an average Rockies team.
2) Get out of Colorado with some momentum prior to facing the Nationals in their home opener this afternoon.
3) Chan Ho Park gets off the hook for that bad start.
I Never Thought…
– Jimmy Rollins would get off to this type of start to the season. Thought that his participation in the WBC would get him rolling and it hasn’t. Shane Victorino hasn’t been as bad, but still only hitting .240 so far.
– That the starting pitching would struggle so much at the start of the year. Oviously, Cole Hamels is behind everyone else due to the time missed in Spring Training, but the scuffles of Jamie Moyer and Brett Myers were a bit surprising.
– That I would be never concerned for a pitcher going into the second start of the season. I am though with Jamie Moyer. Let’s be real, Jamie is 46 years old. He had a great season last year (16 wins), but there aren’t many of us that expected Jamie to repeat that.
More later… enjoy the day

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