Losing A Friend

I want to send my condolences out to the family of Nick Adenhart… any death in these circumstances is a waste.

Unfortunately, it brought me back to a tough day that I spent a couple of years ago when a good friend, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock, died in an automobile accident.

Now, I know the circumstances were different, but the level of “waste” that a friend feels is just about the same.

Josh pitched in Trenton when I was the broadcaster there and, lucky for me, was the one that in a round-about way introduced me to my wife. He always like to have a good time. And he earned his nickname (those who know him know what I speak of).

I was getting ready for a game in Harrisburg one Sunday morning when the report of Josh’s death came across the wire. I have always tried to conceal my emotions, but not in this case. I had lost a good friend.

I remember him being so happy that his dad flew up from Mississippi to see him pitch his big league debut in Chicago against the White Sox. And I remember him pitching for the Phillies and going out with him afterwards to grab a beer. And him also being a part of the ceremonies to commemorate the last game at Veterans Stadium.

Self-inflicted or inflicted by someone else… any death of someone who has a lot ahead of them is just a waste.

I knew that I would have to write about this at some point. I had hoped, though, it wouldn’t have been so soon.

God Bless to Nick Adenhart’s family and friends.

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  1. afratt

    It has been a sad week for baseball fans. The only good thing that comes out of such sadness is the great memories that are recalled. I’ll never forget Harry’s voice or the Bird’s antics. After coming home from the Thunder’s game last week, I had the oppurtunity to see Nick pitch for the first time and then he was gone.

    Being a Thunder fan, hearing about Josh was heart breaking. I remember the day in Trenton that Josh took a line drive off the face and broke his jaw. Us fans gave him a get well card with a lot of ‘fan autographs’ on it.

    The recent tragedies also gave me the oppurtunity to track down one of my favorite Thunder broadcasters when I just found a link to your blog. I was recently wondering what you were doing? I remember the ride back from Portland after the Thunder lost in the playoffs and the smell of the hoagie you left in my car.
    I’m looking forward to keeping in touch by reading your blog this season.

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