A New “Sheff” In The Restaurant

OK, so it is a bad pun, but I am not an overpaid headline writer, like some of the Philly and New York newspapers have.

Geoff Jenkins got released today… well, the original idea of bringing him into help was a good one, but he never hit his stride last season. Although he came through with one of the biggest hits of the season… the double off Grant Balfour to start the Phillies rally in Game #5 of the ’08 World Series.

The worst part about this for Jenkins isn’t that he has to scramble for work. No, someone will pick him up in pretty quick fashion. The worst part is that he won’t be able to take part in the ring ceremony next week at CBP.

“Hi, this is FedEx with a delivery for Mr. Jenkins.”

But the rumor has now been floated out there that Gary Sheffield might be a good target for the Phils to pick up. Well, why not. Despite some issues getting along with people early on in his career, Sheffield has been (for the most part) a model citizen the last few years. 

Plus, the Tigers have to pay almost all of his salary. The Phils would only have to pay him $400,000.

And it gives the Phillies the right-handed bat off the bench that they have been looking for.

Now, the biggest question is “Will Sheffield enjoy being only a part-time player and bat off the bench?” We’ll wait to hear the answer to that important question.

My money would be on seeing Sheff at CBP this weekend getting used to wearing the red pinstripes.


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