Interview w/ Darren Daulton

Former Phils catcher Darren Daulton signed autographs at Lee’s Hoagie House in Horsham, PA on Sunday.

Amazing that the former Phil, 12 years removed from the uniform, was warmly greated by approximately 400 people that received autographs during the two-hour signing. Special kudos got out to Ted Taylor and Stat Authentic for putting it together,as well as Jon Waxman, the owner of Lee’s.
Anyway, during a break in the event, I spoke with Dutch about the ’93 Phils, about being back in the area, his subsequent stint in Florida with the Marlins (part of ’97 WS winners).
But the most interesting note was when I asked him about his former teammate Curt Schilling and whether he should be in the Hall of Fame…
“If you got of the (regular season) numbers, then probably not. But if the writers include the post-season, then you definitely have to consider him. He was one of the best ‘big game’ pitchers around.”
As for what made that ’93 Phillies team click, “It really started at the top. We had an owner that we called ‘Uncle Bill” and then it filtered right on down to (Jim) Fregosi (Phils manager).
Just thought some of you would like that. More good stuff to come.

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